Arcoplan Studio Associato di architettura e ingegneria

Arcoplan is a consultancy of professionals active in the architectural aspects connected to waste management systems. It cooperate with international leading experts in the technologies involved in the field.
Arcoplan has a solid experience in: Remediation Plans, Functional restoration of old and new landfill sites, Landfill mining for land reuse and reintegration of large areas into the landscape; Landscape Architecture; Integration of pneumatic waste collection system in the urban space; Graphic and design of the elements for separate collection; Reuse Centers; Architecture of the buildings for waste pretreatment and composting plants.

Arcoplan Presentation is available for download.

For further details on Arcoplan activities please visit the official website.

Legal head office:
via Beato Pellegrino 23 - 35137 Padova, Italy
tel. +39 320 3630505 / fax +39 049 8726987