Bioprocess Control Sweden AB

Bioprocess Control is a technology provider in the area of advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry. The company brings to the market the experience gained in more than 16 years in industry, leading research and development in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes.

Whether you work for a university or a public or private research laboratory, Bioprocess Control’s instruments can be relied on to provide highly accurate and precise testing of biomethane, biogas, and biohydrogen potential, specific methanogenic activity, biodegradability studies, as well as simulations of continuous biodegradation processes. The unique testing instruments developed by Bioprocess comply with the majority of national and international test protocols. Top-ranking for accuracy due to standardized temperature and pressure variations, data logging, interpretation, presentation and reporting. 

Bioprocess Control Sweden
Scheelevägen 22
223 63 Lund, Sweden

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