Environmental Forensics

Four sessions on Environmental Forensics applied to Waste Management and Contaminated Sites have been included in the conference programme this year. Those sessions aims to unite renowned scientists and researchers to discuss the most advanced theories and newly-emerging challenges in the field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited, to:

• Environmental liability in waste management • Legal Considerations, including strategic considerations for chemical fate in litigation and arbitration • Contaminant source identification, correlation and remediation • Historical reconstruction of contaminant release into the environment • Contaminant Fingerprinting for source identification and/or age-dating: analytical techniques, methodologies, legal aspects • Integrated Case Studies, employing environmental fate and damage assessments


All accepted final papers dealing with the topics above will be regulalrly published in the Symposium Proceedings (ISBN classification).

Publishing partnership with Environmental Forensics Journal:


A selected number of leading papers will be processed for publication on a special thematic issue of Environmental Forensics, published by Taylor & Francis (IF 0,687).
The journal is an international, quarterly, peer-reviewed publication comprising scientific studies that explore or are relevant to the source, age, fate, transport, as well as human health and ecological effects of environmental contamination. Journal topics encompass all aspects of contamination mentioned above within the environmental media of air, water, soil, sediments and biota.