Espositori 2017


  ARCOPLAN Studio Associato di Ingegneria e Architettura
Arcoplan is a consultancy of professionals active in the architectural aspects connected to waste management systems. It cooperate with international leading experts in the technologies involved in the field. [... read more]
Bioprocess Control is a technology provider in the area of advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry. The company brings to market more than 16 years industry leading research and development in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes. [...read more]
  ECOMONDO - Rimini Fiera
5 Unique features of Ecomondo:
• It is the platform of reference for the Mediterranean basin dedicated to the principal European and international strategies for ecological innovation and the transformation of waste into a resource. [... read more]
  GEOS Environment
Among the leading National and European operators Geos Environment is capable to provide a complete range of waste management services, covering the entire waste cycle: urban cleaning services, soil and site remediation, collection, sorting, transfer, treatment and recycling-recovery. The Company is committed to reducing the pollutant load of waste in order to mitigate the environmental impact of rising waste production besides, pushing forward with recycling and recovery as prerequisites of its future growth. [... read more]
  IWWG International Waste Working Group
The International Waste Working Group, founded in 2002 and registered as a no-profit organisation, serves as a forum for the scientific and professional community. The IWWG aims to provide an intellectual platform to encourage and support integrated and sustainable waste management and to promote practical scientific development in the field. [... read more]
  LIFE Programme
LIFE is the EU's financial instrument for environmental and nature conservation projects. It aims to support the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication of EU environment and climate action legislation and policy, in particular, the priorities of the EU's Environment Action Programme to 2020. Since its launch in 1992, LIFE has supported almost 4 200 projects, contributing some €3.4 billion to environmental protection in Europe. [... read more]
  RIVERSO S.r.l.
One of the biggest controlled landfills in Sardinia was set up in 2001 over an old disused mine, close to the area of Serra Scirieddus, Barega, which lies in the countryside around Carbonia. 
The total landfill capacity for industrial waste is about 1.520,000 mc,.
Once completed, it will enable it to restore pre-existing landscape lines and withal to resolve the problem of disposal waste. [... read more]