Friday 9th - Session B (Central Hall)

- 9:00 - 10:40
Landfill mining I
Chair: René Møller Rosendal (DK)

M. Franke, M. Mocker, S. Kroop, M. Faulstich (DE)
Resource potential of landfill mining in Germany
N. Johansson, J. Krook, P. Frändegård (SE)
A new dawn for the buried garbage? An investigation of the marketability for previously disposed waste
L. Umans, K. Van De Wiele, T. Behets, E. Wille (BE)
Mining of waste from old landfill sites for re–use or recycling: results of some specific separation techniques of material from landfill sites (Flanders)
R. Raga, R. Cossu (IT)
Landfill conditioning in view of landfill mining

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

- 11:10 - 12:50
Landfill mining II
Chair: Roberto Raga (IT)

K. Münnich, S. Wanka, A. Zeiner, K. Fricke (DE)
Landfill mining – Recovery and re–use of the fine material
C. Heußner, P. Harborth, K. Fricke (DE)
Recovery and treatment of phosphate from old landfills
L. Umans, K. Van De Wiele, T. Behets, P. Nagels, E. Wille, S. Lambert, M. Van Acoleyen (BE)
Economic aspects on mining of waste from old landfill sites in relation to landfill site management: analysis of relevant parameters and the relevance of a specific management tool
R. Rosendal (DK)
The economics of landfill mining – Focus on the length of the aftercare