Friday 9th - Session D (Naturista Room)

- 9:00 - 10:40
Landfill leachate treatment: constructed wetlands
Chair: Dongbei Yue (CN)

K. Ryan, A.R. Allen, K. Knox (IE)
Treatment of landfill leachate using low technology passive treatment systems
H. Robinson, J. Olufsen, K. Thomas, M. Reed (GB)
The use of reed bed systems for methane removal from landfill leachates
Y. Ogata, T. Ishigaki, Y. Ebie, N. Sutthasil, C. Chiemchaisri, M. Yamada (JP)
Investigation on flow control of landfill leachate on constructed wetland in tropical region
M.C. Lavagnolo, F. Garbo, M. Malagoli, R. Cossu (IT)
Leachate irrigation of different oleaginous plants

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

- 11:10 - 12:50
Incineration: different substrates
Chair: Dezhen Chen (CN)

M. Smol, J. Kulczycka, A. Henclik, K. Gorazda, Z. Wzorek (PL)
Towards zero waste in sewage sludge incineration
K. Shih, C. Liao, Y. Feng (HG)
Quantify fluorine transformation in PFCS during the thermal treatments of lime-conditioned sewage sludge
J. Pulka, K. Bułajewska, A. Białowiec (PL)
The phytotoxicity of biocarbons derived from RDF, and sewage sludge
S. Černi, S. Kalambura, M. Grozdek, M. Kreč (HR)
Energy recovery of hazarodus wooden railway sleepers - Experimental investigation in Croatia