Monday 5th - Session A (Central Hall)

- 15:30-17:10
Waste management strategies and approaches
Chair: Sanja Kalambura (HR)

D. Numata (JP)
Policy mix in deposit-refund systems
N. E. Owen, B. Mayne, A.D. Read (GB)
The impact of levies on single use carrier bags - A UK perspective
C. Scharff, B. Barth, E. Janda, U. Bernhard (AT) 
Optimising the separate collection of packaging from households through the Sinus-Milieu® approach and through mobile crowd behaviour analysis
M. Gharfalkar, Z. Ali, G. Hillier (GB)
Resource effectiveness indicator: a decision making tool for reducing waste and resource consumption

17:10 - 17:40    Coffee Break
17:40 - 18:00    Poster discussion

- 18:00-19:40
Role of public sector in waste management
Chair: Michael Nelles (DE)

R. Clarke, G.Morton, A. Read (GB)

Taking the public with you when restructuring services. Overcoming opposition and changing behaviours
S. Kalambura, A. Racz, N. Jovičić, S. Černi (HR)
Implementation of the educational project “Edu Zadar” for county waste management centre
P.L. Pickerin, P.J. Shaw (GB)
Age and ageing as factors influencing waste management behaviour
A. Read, S. Widdowson (GB)
The impact of austerity measure on public sector waste recycling and street cleansing services in the UK and Ireland - Rising to the challenge, innovation in the public sector