Monday 5th - Session B (Central Hall)

Landfill processes
Chair: Anders Lagerkvist (SE)

R. Rafiee, L. Obersky, W.P. Clarke (AU)
Study of waste degradation processes in active landfill cells
W.J. Sun, M.A. Barlaz (US)
Methods to measure the hydrogen sulfide production potential of sulfate-containing wastes disposed in landfills 
S. Xu, W.J. Lu (CN)
Spatial variation of bacterial community structure and diversity of a landfill in Beijing, China, as revealed by high throughput sequencing
L. Obersky, R. Rafiee, S. Xie, S. Golding, W.P. Clarke (AU)
Determining the simultaneous rates of anaerobic digestion, composting and methane oxidation in shallow waste in an active landfill cell

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION B2 - 18:00-19:40
Landfilling: policies and strategies
Chair: Toshihiko Matsuto (JP)

B. Batinic, G. Vujic, N. Stanisavljevic, D. Ubavin (RS)
Development of model for projection of amounts of biodegradable municipal waste as a support to successful implementation of EU landfill directive: a case study of Serbia
T.J. Heimovaara, A. Bun, A. Van Turnhout (NL)
Water balance modelling and estimation of emission potential using a data-assimilation approach
S. McCarthy, D. O’Riordan, J. Moriarty (IE)
Environmental liabilities - New methods for determining amounts of financial security
E. Brand, A.C.M. De Nijs, R.N.J. Comans, J.J. Dijkstra (NL)
New policy developments on sustainable landfill management