Monday 5th - Session C (Panorama Hall)

Special waste management
Chair: Kaimin Shih (HG)

A. Rapisardi, G. Preda, R. Galessi, R. Macchini, R. Salvetti, E. Slavik , D. Vanni (IT)
Waste minimization and reuse maximization in dredged sediment management: experimental activities results at pilot scale
H. Azaizeh, U. Shanas, Y. Gerchman (IL)
Production of a biofilter from olive mill solid wastes for the removal of heavy metals from contaminated road runoffs
L.H. Ren, H. Liu, P. Wang, Y.X. Chong (CN)
Synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from waste frying oil by cupriavidus necator
M.M. Abdibattaeva, G.P. Kalimbetov, T.J. Zhumagulov, A.A. Rysmagambetova (KZ)
Alternative method of heat treatment of oily waste
A. Igunnu, R. Smith, J. Robinson, R.L. Gomes (GB)
Bioproduct generation from artemisia annua L and the waste streams generated during the production of artemisinin
F. Ugolini, C. Calzolari, G.M. Lanini, F. Martelli, L. Massetti, F. Sabatini, F. Ungaro, S. Damiano, G. Masciandaro (IT)
Another future for hydro ways sediments

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION C2 - 18:00-19:40
Industrial waste management
Chair: Evangelos Gidarakos (GR)

S.V. Santos, C.C. Amorim, L.N. Andrade, M.C.V.M. Starling, M.M.D. Leão (BR)
Oil droplets adsorption using siderurgical waste: adsorption mechanisms and adsorbent regeneration capacity
B. Guo, S. Zhang, D. Pan, B. Liu, Y. Ding (CN)
Immobilization of lead fuming furnace slag in fly ash-based geo-polymer
M. Haupt, C. Vadenbo, C. Zeltner, S Hellweg (CH)
Quality-dependent impacts of steel recycling: scrap from municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash vs normal scrap grades
Y. Ding, B. Liu, S. Zhang, D.Pan, B. Guo (CN)
A clean route for recycling tin from the silver separated residue
A. Grinys, D. Vaičiukynienė, V. Sasnauskas, A. Augonis, E. Ivanauskas (LT)
The using of aggressive waste, generated from the marine repair production, to the concrete technology
I. Mikhailov, S. Komarov, V. Levina , A. Gusev, D. Kuznetsov (RU)
Recycling of blast furnace sludge by complex ultrasonic-assisted leaching with nanoscale zero-valent iron as fenton reagent