Monday 5th - Session D (Naturista Room)

- 15:30-17:10
Decision support models in waste collection
Chair: Shinya Suzuki (JP)

G. De Feo, R. Iannone, C. Scaffidi Domianello (IT)
Optimization of MSW kerbside separate collection systems through a decision support model
P. Beigl, S. Salhofer (AT)
How can we make packaging collection more efficient? A LCA based comparison of collection schemes for light–weight packaging in rural regions in Austria
Y. López, V. Gutiérrez, F. Collantes, D. Gil, R. Revilla, J.L. Gil (ES)
Development of software for the evaluation of street cleanliness and waste collection services
F. Di Maria, C. Micale, A. Monsignori, G. Sassaroli, L. Sisani, C. Tufo (IT)
Enhanced material recovery by source collection and mechanical treatment: results of the LIFE EMaRES project

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break 
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION D2 - 18:00-19:40
Emissions in waste collection 
Chair: Ezio Ranieri (IT)

C. Boardman, S. Burnley, V. Gauci, T. Gladding (GB)
Greenhouse gas emissions from non-recyclable residual household waste within domestic wheeled bins 
Y. Zhao, W.J. Lu, H.T. Wang (CN)
Odour pollution evaluation in transfer stations of municipal solid waste in China 
M. Vilms, V. Voronova, E. Loigu (EE)
The problems of municipal waste collection in city centers and air pollutants formed in the process 
T.L. Gladding (GB)
Extended storage of residual waste and bioaerosols