Monday 5th - Session F (Ex Wine Bar Room)

- 15:30-17:10
Workshop: Food waste
Chair: Thomas Astrup (DK)

Food waste from households, institutions, and commercial entities gains increasing attention as a waste fraction that may be efficiently utilized e.g. through anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Compared to mixed organic household waste, food waste may contain fewer contaminants and have higher potential for biogas production. As such, in many countries food waste can be expected to play an increasingly prominent role in the waste management system. The workshop will address key aspects of food waste such as composition, variability, resource potential and management approaches.

Introductory lectures:

F. Girotto, L. Alibardi, R. Cossu (IT)
Food waste management: a review
M.E. Edjabou, C. Petersen, C. Scheutz, T.F. Astrup (DK)

Seasonal generation of food waste in Denmark
P. Melo, A. Ferreira, S. Paixão (BR)
Food waste in canteen trays of primary schools in the center region
M. Hrad, G. Obertseiner (AT)
Assessment of food waste generation in Austrian food service institutions
A.R. Pizarro, C. Cimpan, M. Münster, H. Ravn (DK)
Optimal sorting and treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste depending on future energy scenarios

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee Break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION F2 - 18:00-19:40
Workshop: GHG emissions from biological waste treatment
Chair: Charlotte Scheutz (DK)

Biological treatment of organic wastes entails generation of various gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. Some of these gases are greenhouse gases (GHGs), thus contributing to global warming. Currently, only very few GHG emission data from biological treatment facilities are available. In this workshop the results of full scale projects in Denmark and Austria for the determination of GHG emissions from biological waste treatment plants will be presented to introduce the following discussion on current challenges for emission control and prevention.

Introductory lectures:

M. Huber–Humer, M. Hrad, M. Piringer (AT)
Determination of methane emissions from waste-to-energy biogas plants
M.B. Jensen, J. Mønster, J. Møller, C. Scheutz  (DK)
Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from a biological waste treatment facility