Monday 5th - Session G (Pineta Room)

- 15:30-17:10
Workshop: Waste management and impacts on health
Chair: Massimo Federico (IT)

According to many studies available in the literature on possible illnesses on employees of waste facilities and on the resident population, the evidence of adverse health outcomes for the general population living near landfill sites, incinerators and composting facilities is usually insufficient and inconclusive. During the workshop, current issues related to the evaluation of direct and indirect impact of waste management activities on human health will be presented and discussed.

17.10 - 17.40 Coffee break
17.40 - 18.00 Poster discussion

SESSION G2 - 18:00-19:40
Workshop: EU Proposals and projects
Chair: Marco Devetta (IT)

The workshop will target a wide range of companies and universities and is primarily conceveid as a networking event addressed to experts interested in developing and sharing new project ideas and finding potential collaboration on specific issues within the upcoming EU calls.
The workshop will consist of an introduction to open EU calls and required conditions, with a strength on Horizon 2020 (Work Programme 2015-2017), followed by presentation of the projects listed below.
However, following the high number of proposals received for inclusion in this session, it has been decided to organize also a full-day parallel event on Tuesday 6th entirely devoted to in-depth discussion of each single project selected. The detailed schedule of the day is available by clicking here

H. Boysen (DE)
Utilization of residues from biogas plants to generate valuable products within a microalgae-based biorefinery concept
V. Funari (IT)
Bio-hydrometallurgic development for critical raw materials exploitation
C. Ün (TR)
The usability of municipal waste plastic and medical waste plastic fuel production at transport
M. Gharfalkar (GB)
Modelling and simulation tools to quantify material flows and "circularity" for greater resource efficiency in manufacturing and society
D. Chen (CN)
Carbon paper from straw and other herbaceous wastes as filtration material for particulate separation
A. Otsuki (FR)
Integrated process for the critical/valuable metal extraction and plastic valorization from waste printed circuit boards