Round-table meetings on EU project proposals

Following the high number of proposals received for presentation during the workshop on "EU proposals and projects”, scheduled for the afternoon of Monday 5th October, it has been decided to organize a full-day parallel event on Tuesday 6th entirely devoted to in-depth discussion of ideas received.

On Monday 5th, the workshop will consist of an introduction to open EU calls and required conditions, with a strength on Horizon 2020 (Work Programme 2015-2017), followed by presentation of some representative projects.

On Tuesday 6th, roundtable meetings will be organized and 40 minutes allocated to presentation and discussion of each one of a number of proposals. Roundtables are primarily conceived as a networking opportunity to develop ideas and find potential collaboration on specific issues. Facilitators will be present to give information about suitable calls, answer questions linked to call areas and provide details on legal and procedural conditions. The detailed schedule of the day is reported below.

Participation is free of charge for delegates registered to Sardinia 2015. 
A fee of 150 euros + VAT 22% will be applied to new participants wishing to attend this single event. The fee will give access to all Tuesday activities and the evening concert by the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra.

In order to reserve your seat or to get more information, please contact us at info@sardiniasymposium.it


GREENLEADS - GREen ENergy from LEAchate and Decontamination of Soil

Raffaello Cossu (IT)
Utilization of residues from biogas plants to generate valuable products within a microalgae-based biorefinery concept

H. Boysen (DE)
Classification of waste: Validation of concentration limits of ecotoxicological tests for hazard property HP 14

P. Hennebert (FR)
Recovery of glass fibers from end-of-life thermosetting composites

A. Bartl (AT)
Integrated and sustainable technologies for the treatment of methanogenic landfill leachate

S. Ramaswami (DE)
The usability of municipal waste plastic and medical waste plastic fuel production at transport

C. Ün (TR)
Well arrangement of the updated information of deposit-refund systems

D. Numata (JP)
Integrated process for the critical/valuable metal extraction and plastic valorization from waste printed circuit boards

A. Otsuki (FR)
 11:10-11:50 Calibration of GHG emissions estimates from landfills by an inovative direct measurement

P. Novak (CZ)
Improving anaerobic digestion chain with natural zeolites

Paolini (IT)
Modelling and simulation tools to quantify material flows and "circularity" for greater resource efficiency in manufacturing and society

M. Gharfalkar (GB)
The usability of the end of life tires at city

C. Ün (TR)
 12:10-12:50   Food waste
V. Cutraro (IT)
Carbon paper from straw and other herbaceous wastes as filtration material for particulate separation

D. Chen (CN)
The waste electrical and electronic equipment collection system for Adana

C. Ün (TR)
TUESDAY 6th OCTOBER - Afternoon
SUSESL - Scailing Up Sustainable and Ecological Sanitation Locally

M. Lavagnolo (IT)
Development and optimization of European network and data base for hazardous waste transport and treatment

E. Gidarakos (GR)
Linking the chains - Impact of impurities on polymers from post-consumer plastics to enhance recycling and market value

L. Pfennig (DE)
ACUMEN 2 – Managing gas at closed landfills

R. Lewicki (GB)
 16:30-17:10 Role of landfilling as a final sink in circular economy strategies

R. Cossu (IT)
On-line Landfill Risk Assessment - LARAS

H. Aurinko (FI)
A pilot scale study on efficient wastewater treatment using metal oxides and metal sulphide nanoparticles

R. Kumar Dutta (IN)