Tuesday 6th - Session A (Central Hall)

- 9:00-10:40
WM guidelines and regulations
Chair: Luciano Butti (IT)

N.E. Owen, K. Warren, A. Read (GB)
Policy impacts on global EFW development
T. Trentinella (JP)
Japanese waste management legal framework: a paradigm for developing countries?
F. Paglietti, B. Conestabile Della Staffa, S. Malinconico, S. Bellagamba, P. De Simone (IT)
Italian guidelines for classifying and managing asbestos-containing waste 
P.A. Martins, S.H. Wang, E.G.Fernandes (BR)
Brasilian policies for medical waste: challenges for recycling
C.L. Rodrigues, I. Andrade (PT)
Why regulate waste management services? The Portuguese case 

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

SESSION A4 - 11:10-12:50
WM and circular economy
Chair: Bernd Bilitewski (DE)

L. Prista (BE)
Present EU strategy on waste within a circular economy
A. Bartl (AT)
Withdrawal of the circular economy package: a wasted opportunity or a new challenge? 
L. Pannett, S. Boulos, N.E. Owen, A. Read (GB)
Teep and lessons learned from UK approach to EU compliance 
K. Reh, M. Franke, H.G. Baum, M. Faulstich (DE)
Disposal of lightweight and metal packaging waste in Germany and Austria – A comparison of eco-efficiency 
T. Trentinella (JP)
EPR for product stewardship: who is to win this combat? The environmental agreement frameworks in Brazil, Australia and Singapore as comparative references 
G. Ferreira, C.M.L.J. Santos (BR)
Environmental dimension of solid waste: epistemological premise for economic sustainable development towards a new perspective in terms of a general theory of environmental private law

12:50 - 15:30 Lunch break


SESSION A5 - 15:30 - 17:10
Waste re-use
Chair: Stefan Salhofer (AT)

G. Obersteiner, A. Oberscheider, E. Schmied (AT)
Re-use potential of municipal waste management compared to existing re-use
O. Krüger, C. Adam (DE)
Re-use of secondary phosphates as fertilizers - Harmonization of analytical methods
E. Schmied, G. Obersteiner, G. Raab (AT)
Waste management based re-use activities supported by an online tool
J.L. Hanson, N. Yesiller, C.M. Cooledge, K.B. Kopp, S.J. Kaufman-Martin (US)
Beneficial reuse of wastes for thermal insulation in underground construction applications

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION A6 - 18:00 - 19:40
Recycling strategies and efficiency
Chair: Martijn van Praagh (SE)

A. Bartl, B. Appelqvist (AT)
Evaluating the recycling efficiency and quality
S. Rymill, A. Read (GB)
Recycling rates plateau – Lessons from the United Kingdom
E. Van Eygen, J. Feketitsch, D. Laner, J. Fellner (AT)
Development of plastic flows and stocks in Austria
T. Fill, S. Pow, A. Read (GB)
Transition economy waste strategies and the energy-recycling debate
G. Obersteiner, C. Walzer (AT)
Green festivals and their impact to waste management