Tuesday 6th - Session D (Naturista Room)

- 9:00 - 10:40
Methodologies in LFG emission measurement
Chair: Marlies Hrad (AT)

L. Fjelsted, C. Scheutz, A. Christensen, P. Kjeldsen (DK)
Development of an innovative uav-mounted screening tool for landfill gas emissions
O. Bour, I. Zdanevitch, E. Bietlot, C. Collart, M.H. Garcia, J.B. Mathieu, V. Garcia (FR)
Software development of a multiple-step workflow for assessing landfill gas surface emissions from sampling design to geostatistical modeling
S. Jeong, A. Nam, T.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim (KR)
Effect of hot spots and required grid size of flux chamber network for estimation of surface methane emission from landfills
F. Innocenti, R.A. Robinson, T.D. Gardiner, A. Finlayson, A. Connor, J. Few (GB)
Differential absorption lidar (DIAL) measurments of landfill methane emissions
E. Bridi, L.A. Bressani, E. Ritter (BR)
Biogas emission measurement in landfill inserted in a coal mine

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

SESSION D4 - 11:10 - 12:50
Perspectives in LFG emission monitoring
Chair: Gerhard Rettenberger (DE)

P. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutz (DK)
Suggested guidelines for gas emission monitoring at Danish landfills
M. Bourn, R. Robinson, F. Innocenti (GB)
Regulating landfills using measured methane emissions: a UK perspective
R. Lewicki, P. Manczarski, M. Askin, S. Robinson (GB)
Acumen project - Emissions from installations applied to mitigate residual methane at closed landfill sites
P.F.S. Borba, E. Ritter, E.M. Martins, S.M. Correa (BR)
Gas emission assessment in Seropédica landfill - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

12:50 - 15:30 Lunch break

SESSION D5 - 15:30 - 17:10
LFG generation: Measurements and modelling
Chair: Lidia Lombardi (IT)

S. Arnold, J. Stalleicken, M. Bourn (GB)
Review of landfill emissions modelling in the UK
S. Yadav, P. Hettiaratchi, P. Jayasinghe, E. Bartholameuz (CA)
An evaluation of biochemical methane potential assay for landfill solid waste
Z. Mou, C. Scheutz, P. Kjeldsen (DK)
Landfill gas generation and emission at Danish waste disposal sites receiving waste with a low organic waste content
I. Pecorini, F. Baldi, D. Bacchi, E. Carnevale, S. Ricci (IT)
Prediction of the remaining landfill gas potential using first order decay models and methane yield results for excavated waste samples
A. Pukhnyuk, P. Mostbauer, K. Boehm, E. Binner, Y. Matveev (UA)
Investigation and modelling of methane generation at unmanaged municipal solid waste landfills: case study Ukraine
M. Capodici, G. Ciraolo, D. Di Trapani, G. Viviani (IT)
Remote sensing analysis coupled to field measurements for the evaluation of methane emissions from a landfill site: a case study

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee Break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION D6 - 18:00 - 19:40
LFG modelling
Chair: Gianni Andreottola (IT)

J. Fellner, C. Brandsta╠łtter, D. Laner (AT)
Landfill gas migration modelling – a prequiste for determining environmentally compatible gas generation rates
M.M. Santos, C. Romanel, A.G.H.P. Van Elk (BR)
Comparative analysis between the monitoring data and methane generation prediction in a Brazilian landfill
N. Turgeon, C. Niedzwiedz, Y. Le Bihan, R. Simoneau, S. Bugay (CA)
Evaluation of  methane and GHG emissions from Quebec city municipal landfill: comparison between field measurements and model
D. Di Trapani, G. Mannina, S. Nicosia, G. Viviani, G. Contino, K. Babikova, S. Indelicato
Modelling biogas generation and release from municipal solid waste landfills