Tuesday 6th - Session E (Le Dune Room)

9:00 - 10:40
Perpectives in WEEE management
Chair: Kerstin Kuctha (DE)

B. Steuer, S. Salhofer, R. Linzner (AT)
The winner takes it all – Why is informal waste collection in urban China successful?
R. Souza, E. Herbeck, M. Spitzbart, D. Jakubowicz, S. Salhofer (BR)
Economic drivers for the development of e-waste management in East Africa and Brazil
N. Mannie, L. Foster (ZA)
The digital revolution – An onslaught of even more WEEE!
S. Zhang, Y. Ding, B. Liu, D. Pan
Challenges to achieving the sustainability of critical metals in WEEE

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

SESSION E4 - 11:10 - 12:50
WEEE: technologies for metal recovery
Chair: Francesco Vegliò (IT)

R. Cayumil, R. Khanna, V. Sahajwalla (AU)
Concentration of precious metals during their recovery from electronic waste
S. Guignot, N. Menad, D. Morin, S. Bostyn, Y. Graz, I. Gökalp, J. Poirier, M. Trabuc, C. Thomas (FR)
Supercritical water extraction of metals from printed circuit boards - a feasibility study
A. Alzate, M.E. López, C. Serna (CO)
Recovery of gold from electrical and electronic waste by a novel methodology using ammonium persulfate
P. Hense, K. Reh, M. Franke, J. Aigner, D. Mayer, A. Hornung, A. Contin (DE)
Pyrolysis - a key component for the recovery of metals and energy
R. Saini, R. Khanna, R.K. Dutta, R. Cayumil, M. Ikram-Ul-Haq, R. Rajarao, V. Sahajwalla, V. Agarwala (AU)
A novel approach for reducing toxic emissions during high temperature processing of electronic waste
A. Otsuki, G. Dodbiba, T. Fujita (FR)
Two–liquid flotation for separating mixtures of ultra–fine rare earth fluorescent powders for material recycling – A review

12:50 - 15:30 Lunch break

SESSION E5 - 15:30 - 17:10
Contaminated soils
Chair: Carlo Moretto (IT)

J. Lee, J.Y. Kim (KR)
Methane productions of crop residues from contaminated and uncontaminated sites
G. Masciandaro, S. Doni, C. Garcia, M.T. Hernandez, P. Rocchio, M. Losa, C. Macci,  (IT)
Innovative technique to recover contaminated river sediments (CLEANSED LIFE ENV/IT/000652) 
L.F. Delgado-Ramírez, M.F. García-Valtierra, A. Ávila-Tlatelpa, F. Shultz-Morales, M. Beltrán-Villlavicencio, A. Vazquez-Morillas (MX)
Rizhotron design for the study of contaminated soils with wastes
M.F. Milazzo, R. Lisi (IT)
Environmental human health risk assessment of contaminated sites using a simple GIS-based tool
P. Galitskaya, L. Biktasheva, A. Saveliev, T. Grigoryeva, E. Bulygina, S. Selivanovskaya (RU)
Fungal and bacterial successions in the process of co-composting of organic wastes as revealed by 454 pyrosequencing
M. Lega, O. Maio, P. Bishop (IT)
Environmental pollution surveying: contaminated land assessment using remote/proximal sensing tools and markers

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break
17:40 - 18:00 Poster discussion

SESSION E6 - 18:00 - 19:40
Bottom ash: characterization and environmental impact
Chair: Ole Hjelmar (DK)

A. Van Zomeren, T. Klymko, H.A. Van Ser Sloot (NL)
Application of multiple analytical methods, leaching and geochemical modelling for waste classification of MSWI boiler ash
A. Maresca, T.F. Astrup (DK)
Column leaching from biomass combustion ashes
N. Saqib, M. Bäckström (SE)
Waste incineration: impact of input waste fuel composition on trace element distribution and chemical speciation in fly and bottom ashes
M. Di Gianfilippo, G. Costa, I. Verginelli, F. Lombardi (IT)
Assessment of the risk to groundwater related to disposal vs. reuse of different types of waste thermal treatment bottom ash