Wednesday 7th - Session C (Panorama Hall)

SESSION C7 - 9:00 - 10:40
Organic waste management in developing countries
Chair: Pinjing He (CN)

S. Diener, C. Lalander, C. Zurbruegg, B. Vinnerås (SE)
Opportunities and constrains for medium-scale organic waste treatment with fly larvae composting
G. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, C. Baccot, M. Tcha Tom, V. Pallier (FR)
Valorization of organic matter extracted from municipal solid waste leachate as agricultural soil enrichment: impact on the characteristics of soils from Togo and France
M.A. Tony, A.M. Tayeb, Y.Q. Zhao (EG)
Recent advances in potable water-works sludge management: pilot field solar sludge minimising demonstration
S.N. Monteiro, V.S. Candido, L.H.L. Louro, C.M.F. Vieira (BR)
Sugarcane bagasse waste recycling as ballistic armor composites

10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break

SESSION C8 - 11:10 - 12:50
WM in different countries
Chair: Werner Bidlingmaier (DE)

K. Watanabe, T. Okayama, S. Khadijah, T. Araki, C. Lim, I. Mateo-Babiano, P. Tjiptoherijanto, A. Licos (JP)
An exploratory study on waste management in southeast Asian megacities and Tokyo
M. Kahlon, C. Hoy, A. Read (GB)
Waste management needs and opportunities in Riyadh - Lessons from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
D. Enciso, F. Robles, D. Castro-Frontana (MX)
Analysis of integrated solid waste management in Mexico City metropolitan area using geographic information systems
R. Chifari, M. Giampietro (ES)
Integrated assessment of urban solid waste management systems: a quantitative characterization of the situation in Naples
M. Struk (CZ)
Efficiency factors in municipal solid waste management

SESSION C9 - 15:30 - 17:10
Waste management: case studies
Chair: Andreas Bartl (AT)

B.S. Tawabini, O.K.M. Ouda, S.A. Raza (SA)
Investigating waste to energy potential as a renewable energy resource in Al-Hasa region, Saudi Arabia
Ç. Ün, K. Aydin, H. Serì‡n, M. Özcanli (TR)
Biological treatment applications in Adana metropolitan municipality, Turkey
R. Lisi, A. Ciacci, R. Rossi, S. Di Polito (IT)
The approach zero waste in waste management in a tourist town
N.M. Mannie, H. Viviers (ZA)
Municipal solid waste planning - Attributes for successful and sustainable waste management in a city

17:10 - 17:40    Coffee Break
17:40 - 18:00    Poster discussion

SESSION C10 -  18:00 - 19:40
Waste management in developing countries’ cities
Chair: Roland Ramusch (AT)

J. Palfreman, M. Clark (ZA)
Mapping out waste characteristics in Mombasa, Kenya
F. Dalmonte, A.S. Hursthouse, C.R. Priadi, G.A. Kristanto (GB)
A scenario of GHG reduction through improved municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Jakarta, Indonesia
E. Lovat, E. Bollettin (SV)
Waste management problematic in the department of Sonsonate, El Salvador (Centro America)
M.R. Sarder, M.Z. Haque, M. Alamgir, M.A.K. Salim (BD)
Performance study of solid waste management system adopted in Kuet Campus of Bangladesh
G. García, D. Castro-Frontana (MX)
Environmental information system about the situation of urban solid waste within the Mexican municipalities